CLAT 2023: Few impactful stories from the large galaxy of SRIRAM STUDENTS

(The journey of the success story of each student is shared by the mentor , and is published here to inspire you!)

(To the students whose stories missed out from being published here, you have all been covered in our Year Book)

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning from the right mentors!

Avanthikaa, a student of the SRIRAM ONE YEAR CLASSROOM CONTACT PROGRAM, diligently attended her classes at SRIRAM and focussed on mocks and mock analysing. The power of consistency, is the theme of Avanthikaa's story, who has now secured an admission into the nation's top Law School, NLSIU, Bangalore. 

"My success was due to hard work, support from mentors and good luck"


You've proved that one can balance both Science Stream and CLAT. 

You've proved that, with single minded devotion, one will win for sure. 

You've proved that determination and success are inter connected. 

You've made Vidya Mandir and Sriram Law Academy very proud in our 21st Year by getting into NLSIU, Bangalore.

God Bless

Dreams can come true, but there is a secret. They’re realized through the magic of persistence, determination, commitment, passion, practice, focus and hard work.

Aashrith, a student of the Super50 Batch is a combination of hardworking and single minded devotion to win the selection of his home state law school, NALSAR Hyderabad. He dreamt of it and made it his destiny by working constantly on his goals.  

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and guidance from the right mentors!

Kshitika Tyagi, from Bangalore, dreamt o f NLSIU, as she joined the 2 YEAR PROGRAM AT SRIRAM. Her relentless work ethic, coupled with deep hunger for success, made her put in the required amount of work to fuel the dream and make it a reality. Keep Winning, Kshitika!

Aprameya - Boy Genius

Solid work over a consistent period of time, strong mentorship from  at SRIRAM both worked in favour of Aprameya in his journey to CLAT 2023. A student of Kumarans, he put in the necessary efforts, alongside persistently analysing his mocks, all of which proved vital in sealing the deal on the day of CLAT

Well done Ganesh! This is just the beginning of a progressive journey ahead!

Ganesh, a repeater in CLAT 2023, showed smart work and smart execution in his second attempt at CLAT 2023. His strong ability to execute without getting nervous helped him on his way to a premier NLU  through CLAT 2023. 

Devansh - Consistency is Key

Devansh Yadav, student of the 2 year Classroom Program, was diligent in his efforts put in over a period of 2 Years. His belief in himself and in his mentors at Sriram gave him the medal self confidence to achieve a top rank. 

You have been sincere and diligent since day one and never failed to amaze us with your dedication. So proud to call you our student! 

Saahil, a student of Chettinad Vidyashram, was clear from Day One, that he wanted to secure an admission in a top NLU. So, from the word GO, he decided to put in maximum efforts from his side to ensure that he achieved the target. Incredible work ethic, diligence and attending all the SRIRAM CLASSES, as well as, exhausting all the SRIRAM PREPARATORY RESOURCES, played crucial role to secure a winning performance on the day of the CLAT Examination. Prof. Hema Raman Ma'am, mentored Saahil in his journey to success.

Dream big, dreams do come true!

Gnanankith is a story of self belief and self confidence, beating all odds. His firm faith in himself, his teachers and his efforts, brought in the selection.

Current Affairs was his favourite section, which emerged as the deciding section, swinging his way to success.

All the sacrifices and sleepless nights have finally paid off, Ashmita!

Ashmita combined relentless work ethic with deep passion for learning her subjects in the runway to CLAT 2023. She left no stone unturned, in the section of Current Affairs with phenomenal work put, in the entire journey to CLAT 2023. 

Exams are tough, but Champions make it interesting with their superb performance. So did, Sudha!  Congratulations!

Sudha's consolidated hardworking over a period of two years, brought out the best in her. Though she had her own sets of challenges, it was raw determination that made her win over everything and helped her secure an admission to the top most institution.

Intensity of work is what matters - Anirudh Krishnan

Anirudh combined smart work and smart skills in securing a top selection. Though he started late, he emerged successful showing that self belief goes a long way in achieving success. His goal oriented approach, firm belief in the SRIRAM mentors, has brought the best in him.  

Ashmit, we always knew that you were destined for success. Well done! So proud of you.

Ashmit Soni, from the two year SRIRAM Program secured an admission to NLSIU, Bangalore, with sheer dedication, smart work and ferocious hunger to win it. His constant desire to target only NLSIU, proved vital in putting the efforts required to beat the large competition. 

Competitive exams are not so easy, but you do it with competency and had a brilliant result, Many Many Congratulations!

Faith in herself, faith in SRIRAM, secured Avane [DAV, Gopalapuram] an admission into NLU Delhi. Her firm aggression helped her balance the Science stream, alongside CLAT and she has proved that even with science, one can balance CLAT Prep with securing a top rank. God Bless!

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” Rakshithaa is a classic example of that!

Rakshithaa from the 2 Year Classroom secures a top Selection to NALSAR, Hyderabad through her complete preparation, leaving no stone unturned, firm belief in her mentors, smart work, efficient time management. A star of Chettinad Vidyashram, she deserves all the success for the work put in by her. God Bless!

Nitin, your amazing results speak for the ambition and determination you carry in your heart!

Nitin Kishore [Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram], from the 2 Year Classroom secures an admission to NALSAR Hyderabad, following a regimen of smart work, smart execution and listening to his mentors. His firm focus in academics, as well as extra curricular activities has worked beautifully, sending him to a rank, which could get any college. 

Koushikk, you are not just a source of inspiration for your friends, but also a source of pride for your family. Congratulations on acing the CLAT!

Koushikk secures an admission into the National Law School, following a period of 18 months of solid work, thus showcasing the power of sacrifice, hardwork and is surely an inspiration for the future aspirants. His firm faith in his abilities and his mentors, helped him seal the deal. 


Mustafa, the school pupil leader of Chettinad Vidyashram balanced school activities, a heavy science group and CLAT. A student of the one year Classroom Program, he gave 120% in his work and his firm conviction helped in  secure an admission. 

Adiyanth, your sincerity was bound to bear fruit of your efforts! Congrats on cracking CLAT!

Adiyanth, from PSBB Millennium School, worked for CLAT over a period of two years and put in what was required to achieve a top result. His focus and determination has helped him alongside his immense self belief to secure a top selection in CLAT. 

You have earned your victorious result with sincere efforts and concentration. Well done!

Izma [DAV Gopalapuram] walks into NUJS, Kolkata owing to her constant belief in herself to attain her goals. She is a product of the two year Classroom Program, where she was mentored by her teachers, who left nothing to chance and made her solve all the questions, which gave her an edge in CLAT


Vriddhi, the star of PSBB Nungambakkam Branch, proudly walked her way to success following a deep combination of phenomenal work ethic and smart execution. The firm faith in her mentors proved crucial in the last mile to CLAT as a repeater. 

Dream begins - Paavane

Paavane's intense focus and deep desire to bring home a top result is what made the difference for her in the journey to CLAT. Sincere focus and dedication to her goals played crucial for her success. 


Arundathi from Sankara, Adyar was determined and focused to achieve a top selection in the CLAT. She worked very systematically, thus leaving no stone unturned in her journey. We wish her success. 


Kaaviya, from Chettinad Vidyashram worked very efficiently in her CLAT preparation.  She put in a combination of deep work and smart execution, thus enabling herself to secure a top rank..

Conquering CLAT is just the beginning. May you conquer many more summits in your life!

Shrisamhita is the story of Start Early, Dream Big and Make it happen. The story of sacrifice and success, can be seen through her journey, where she over a course of 2 years put in the best work ethic, but combined it with her smartness on the day of the exam. 

Duration doesn't matter, intensity does - Shreya Srikanth

Shreya Srikanth may have started her CLAT preparation in the middle of her 12th Grade, but that did not stop her from securing a top rank, proving that it is the intensity and self belief that matters and not the duration of preparation. 


Lakshya combined aggression and sincerity in the road to CLAT. Taking a repeat year, he decided to rectify the mistakes from his past. His firm focus and deep hunger to win helped him seal the deal in CLAT 2023.

Self Belief is Supreme - Adithya Talreja

Adithya [Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram] has donned many hats in his school life, to name a few, he has been the School Pupil leader, excellent debater with profound knowledge on GK.   He was part of the Sriram Expert Program for CLAT 2023.


Subiksha achieved a top selection in both CLAT & AILET, due to her simple formula. Work, work, work and repeat. But the work was focussed work, which gave her an edge over the competition.

Hard Work works- Shreya

Shreya Raghavan put in a largscale effort backed by a smart execution, thus powering a top selection in the CLAT. Her focus to detail followed by a deep insight on her subjects, led her to make a mark in the journey to CLAT 2023

Power of Focus - Divya Chidambaram

Divya from Chettinad Harsishree put in smart work as she balanced both science stream and CLAT. Diligence and goal oriented work led to a success in the exam. God Bless her. 

You'll win - Rudra Warrier

Rudra Warrier is a story of success from our Classroom, who had big dreams, but a bigger desire to put in consistent work. Her deep consistency led her to creating a top performance in the exam. 

Congratulations on your performance! 

A second generation Lawyer, Vikhram Seshadhri, also an avid footballer, combined the skills of aggression and technique, from the world of sport into the world of CLAT. That approach, played a crucial role in securing him a place in the top of CLAT 2023 rankings. 

Success is on its way, when you're constantly working hard - Saaransh

Saaransh probably would take home the title of the student, who used the SRIRAM Learning Platform, the most. Incredible amount of work, though starting pretty late, his immense self belief, all of which proved vital to secure a top selection in CLAT 2023

Congrats! Keep believing in yourself and work hard; more achievements are in store! 

Aarushi Vibhu, from Vidya Mandir, Mylapore, put in the right amount of smart work, which yielded success. This story is a powerful lesson to future aspirants that to win a competitive exam like CLAT, its the smart work that triumphs hard work. 

You'll win, for sure - Adithya

Adithya's focussed efforts over a period of time helped him seal the deal as he clinched a top selection in the CLAT 2023 Exam

Clarity breeds Confidence - Charunivetha

Hard work and determination helped Charunivetha ace the CLAT 2023 Exam. Her consistent efforts put in over a period of time helped her access the required clarity as she aced the CLAT. 

Calmness is Crucial, Execution is Excellence - Charumathi

Charumathi Iyyapan put in her heart and soul to fuel her dream of getting into a top National Law School. When dreams combine with excellent work ethic, success has to be a natural consequence. We wish her all the best!

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