20 Years of Iconic Leadership

Achieving an extraordinarily high number of selections into the top NLUs, Sriram Law Academy has produced CLAT 'AIR 1' - 5 Times and AILET 'AIR 1' - 5 Times. Powered by a strong industry presence of over 20+ years, Sriram aims to maximize selections into the Top tier NLUs in India. Sriram also powers another vertical for training for IIT HSEE examinations. Sriram leads the IIT Humanities Test Preparation Industry with 10 Times 'AIR 1' and highest number selections for over a decade. The brand 'Sriram' owns the trust of over 6000 CLAT aspirants every year and is known for its comprehensive preparation, performance & execution strategy.


Sriram Students storm the Top NLUs in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kolkata with an outstanding performance in the entrance tests of 2003. Senior Advocate Shri. Arvind Datar speaks at the SRIRAM Toppers Summit, 2003 held at Vani Mahal, Chennai.


Sriram Students script a historic entry unto the NLSIU Bangalore, known as the ‘Harvard of the East’ with All India Ranks 1, 2, 4.

Supreme Court Senior Advocate and Mediation Expert, Mr. Sriram Panchu, presents a prize to the National Topper Sandeep Challa [AIR 1] in the Sriram Toppers Summit, 2004.


Scripting History becomes not just a feat, but a habit with Sriram Students securing top AIRs.

Intellectual property rights Expert, Mr. A.A. Mohan addresses the audience at the Sriram Toppers Summit 2005 at Vani Mahal, Chennai on 12.06.2005

Intellectual property rights Experts, A Brinda Mohan gives away a prize to the All India Ranker Niranjan V at the Sriram Toppers Summit, 2005 at Vani Mahal, Chennai. Niranjan joined National Law School, Bangalore.


Extraordinary feat of the Highest ever score in the Law admission examination is recorded when Sriram’s Classroom Student           K. Prahalad scored 170.25 in the entrance test. Prahalad secured All India First Rank and joined National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

Senior Advocate N.L. Rajah felicitates the History Maker, K. Prahalad, AIR 1


Sriram Student Bhargav Joshi ranks AIR 1 in the Law Entrance Test of 2007. He joined NUJS, Kolkata.

Eminent educationist Dr. (Mrs). Y.G. Parthasarathy, Dean & Director, Padma Seshadri Group of Schools presides over the Sriram Topper Summit, 2007 to give away prizes to the toppers of Law Entrance Exam 2007.


Shri. P.S.RAMAN, Advocate General, Govt of Tamil Nadu addresses the audience at SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY Valedictory Function held at Rani Seethai Hall, Chennai.

Sriram Students continue the historic run with All India Rank 1, Aarathy Gopal in All India Law Admission Test conducted by NUALS.


Shri M.M. Sundresh, Judge, Madras High Court presides over the Sriram Toppers Rising Stars Summit, 2009 at Vani Mahal, Chennai.

Sriram Students break previous records with Class room Student Divya Srinivasan AIR 1 in the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET).

Nidhi Modani and Sidhartha Basu secured AIR 1 & 2 in the CLAT 2009.


While, Students were taught History in the Classes, they not just learnt it, but they learnt to create it.
This was the SRIRAM Effect.
With AIR 1 and 2, Sriram becomes a National Leader in CLAT Test – Prep.


AIR 1, CLAT 2010


AIR 2, CLAT 2010


Sriram Students Padmini Baruah and Sonakshi Saxena secure AIR 1 in the CLAT and AILET Entrance Examinations. SRIRAM becomes a household name for Law Entrance Test – Prep with record Student selection in various Law Schools across the country.

Padmini Baruah
AIR 1 CLAT 2011

Eminent Lawyer, Dr. V. Suresh, National Secretary, PUCL presides over the Sriram Knowledge Toppers Summit, 2011


The Lion roars louder beating its own Historic Records with the Historic Feat of producing All India Rankers 1, 2, 3, 4 in CLAT 2012.

Anhad Miglani 

AIR 1 [CLAT 2012]

Pallavi Panigrahi 

AIR 2 [CLAT 2012]

Ashwij Ramaiah 

AIR 3 [CLAT 2012]

Sarthak Gupta 

AIR 4 [CLAT 2012]


AIR 1 run continues with Sriram’s Dhruva Gandhi making it to the top of the ladder securing AIR 1 and entry into NLSIU, Bangalore.

Dhruva Murari Gandhi

AIR 1, CLAT 2013

Justice Anita Sumanth, Speaker at the Rising Sriram Power Summit, 2013 at Vani Mahal, Chennai.


The era of SRIRAM Revolution began with not just Students from Tier 1 cities making it to India’s finest institutions, but from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The finest online products and the Sriram CLAT Books Bible proved to be the winning package of any students in their journey to the NLUs.

Vani Sharma

AIR 1, AILET 2014

Abhishek Rao

AIR 2, CLAT 2014


For the 12th year in a row, the All India Top Ranks have been bagged by SRIRAM Students. Natasha Kavalakkat [Thane] a student of SRIRAM TARGETEDGE 2015 program secured All India 1stRank in Maharashtra National Law University Law Admission Test 2015 [MNLUAT] A record which has no parallel has made SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY, the undisputed leader for CLAT Prep. SRIRAM is thus the automatic choice for students all over India for their CLAT prep to enter the portals of National Law Schools with huge scores in major law entrance exams.

Rongeet Poddar

AIR 3, CLAT 2015

Probably words aren't enough to thank you for your efforts in guiding aspirants like me and many others to help them reach their goals. I would like to heartily thank Sriram for everything that all of you there have done for me. Keep fulfilling dreams.
Kolkata, West Bengal

Natasha Kavalakkat



Sriram’s Flagship Crash Course, Sriram RAPID creates history by maximizing topper from a one-month crash course. Viraj Ananth of the Sriram Rapid and Karan Dhalla secure AIR 1 in the CLAT and AILET respectively.

Viraj Ananth

AIR 1 [CLAT 2016]

Karan Dhalla

AIR 1 [AILET 2016]


Sriram students have emerged with top ranks and have realized their dream of joining prestigious law schools. Nitesh Mishra, a student of Sriram Rapid Course 2017, bagged the AIR 2 in the AILET 2017. Dhrishaj Suresh, yet another student of Sriram Rapid Course got the AIR 10 in CLAT 2017. Khushi Maheshwari, DLP student of Sriram Law Academy secured AIR 6 in CLAT in CLAT 2017. 12 out of top 50 ranks in CLAT and 16 out of top 50 ranks in AILET were bagged by SRIRAM students in the year 2017.


AIR 2 [AILET 2017]


AIR 6 [CLAT 2017]


This year has been a resounding success for SRIRAM students across India. There have been hundreds of selections in NLUs from students of classroom and online programs. 

SRIRAM Law Academy played an integral part in my journey. Right from the comprehensive books which focus on the most important aspects of the 5 sections of the exam to the fantastic faculty who manage to spur you on to do exceedingly well to the mocks that really gave an accurate feel of the actual CLAT exam, SRIRAM ticked all the boxes. I found Hema ma’am’s advice invaluable and the one-on-one sessions with her to work out strategies and analyse my strengths and weaknesses were, in particular, extremely helpful.

Jwalika Balaji, CLAT 2018 topper

NLSIU, Bangalore

I would go so far as to say without Sriram, I may not have succeeded. The Study material is vast. The faculty is very motivating, friendly and pushed me towards succeeding in CLAT without pressurizing me. No doubt is left unanswered. The GK material provided by Sriram Law Academy, was extensive and very accurate. The mocks were invaluable in assessing my current preparation level. Hema ma’am’s advice and encouragement was extremely useful. For Static GK, I referred the Sriram module, weekly tests and mocks. 

Manav Sridharan, CLAT 2018 topper

NLSIU, Bangalore

I will be eternally grateful towards Sriram Law Academy for the role it played in my journey towards cracking CLAT. The books provided by Sriram are concise and well detailed. The Legal Reasoning and Legal Awareness volumes are extremely well written and formed the basis of almost all my preparation in these areas. I would recommend all students taking up CLAT to enroll themselves in the Sriram Rapid course. The daily tests, coupled with the excellent coaching by teachers, played a very important role in my preparation. 

Karthik Subramaniam, CLAT 2018 topper

NALSAR, Hyderabad.


Sriram students came up with yet another stellar performance in CLAT 2019. Hundreds of students got selected in top NLUs from classroom and DLP programs of SLA.  A few of them from the Super 50 are featured below. Complete profile of all the selected students can be viewed on www.sriramlawacademy.com under 'results' tab.

Naomi Manoj

NLSIU, Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI28238]

Tushar Agarwal

NLSIU Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI22327]

Rhea Prasad

NLSIU, Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI28405]

Sarthak Wadhwa

NLSIU, Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI35320]

Anmol Kohli

NLSIU Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI26537]

Shubhankar Tiwari

NLSIU Bangalore [SRIRAM ID SRI35108]


NLSIU Bangalore [SRIRAM ID : SRI29646]


NLSIU Bangalore [SRIRAM ID : SRI33778]