Top ranks for SRIRAMites. A glorious year indeed!

Anhad Miglani

AIR 1, CLAT 2012


AIR 2, CLAT 2012


AIR 3, CLAT 2011


AIR 4, CLAT 2012

  • SRIRAM's Online Student Anhad Miglani [Chandigarh] secured All India 1st Rank in CLAT 2012.
  • SRIRAM's Online Student Pallavi Panigrahi [Cuttack] secured All India 2nd Rank in CLAT 2012.
  • SRIRAM's Classroom Student Ashwij Ramaiah [Davangere] secured All India 3rd Rank in CLAT 2012.
  • SRIRAM's Online Student Sarthak Gupta [Chandigarh] secured All India 4th Rank in CLAT 2012.
  • SRIRAM's Classroom Student Ashwij Ramaiah [Davangere] secured All India 1st Rank in NLU Delhi 2012.
  • Top 4 All India Ranks in CLAT 2012 were bagged by SRIRAM Students.
  • 16 SRIRAM students figured in Top 10 All India Ranks in NLU Delhi Entrance Exam 2012.
  • For the 9th consecutive year [in 2012], a SRIRAM student has secured All India First Rank in the Law Admission Test.

Anirudh Krishnan, Alumnus of NALSAR, Hyderabad and Oxford University, UK, an Eminent Lawyer in the field of Domestic and International Arbitration, addresses the audience at the SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY inauguration function held at Vani Mahal in April 2012.

"The Sriram experience has truly been wonderful, a perfect platform to crack the CLAT. The comprehensive material and books gave me loads of practice and exactly the kind of knowledge needed. The mock tests have also been great not only for practice, but also offer real insights to your target. Thanks!


AIR 1, CLAT 2012

I am extremely grateful for the support given to me by the Sriram Law Academy which played a key role in my success in CLAT 2012.The online tests were very useful and provided the perfect basis for self assessment and continuous improvement. My Sriram experience has been truly rewarding.

AIR 2, CLAT 2012

First of all I am extremely grateful for the seamless support, encouragement and guidance I have received from SRIRAM law academy for the past two years, without which my preparation would have been incomplete. The weekly worksheets i used to receive every Friday laid a resolute foundation for my entire preparation. Moreover the mock exams were very helpful. I also need to mention the special personal care i received from Sriram, who were open to my phone calls 24/7. I can say with confidence that a law aspirant would be in safe hands if he/she joins SRIRAM.

With gratitude,

AIR 3, CLAT 2012

My experience with Sriram Law Academy has been great. SRIRAM online mocks have been very useful. The GK and the Legal Section is by far the best. SRIRAM newsletters and the current affairs supplements have helped me a lot in preparing for GK. Thank you so much for the excellent material you provided (Even the answers of the past year papers.

AIR 4, CLAT 2012

Thanks to Sriram for helping me throughout the year. Your guidance was available to me whenever I needed it.
Thanks a lot,

Aradhya Sethia

AIR 9, CLAT 2012

The material provided by Sriram Law Academy, especially in legal aptitude and current affairs, is incomparable. I have depended on it entirely in my preparation. The mocks are also extremely balanced, and answers well explained. It has been of great help to me in my preparation for CLAT.Regards,
Aakarshi Agarwal

AIR 14, CLAT 2012

"I am so delighted that I made it to NLSIU, Bangalore. I credit this success to Sriram Law Academy. The course material covered all the important aspects of CLAT and the mocks built my skill and confidence as the day of the exam neared. I enjoyed the one month crash course in Chennai. Thank you Hema Ma'am and Raman Sir for all the support you have given me." Regards,

AIR 21, CLAT 2012

I am truly very grateful to Sriram for providing the very lucid and comprehensive modules on all the five subjects. The weekly tests, newsletters and regular mock tests were of immense help and made sure that I stayed regular in my studies. Though the system of learning was online, the experience was interactive and challenging. Lastly, but definitely not the least, I would like to thank the entire Sriram team, especially Hema Ma’am for their patience in answering my queries and their invaluable guidance.
Shruthi Ashok

AIR 26, CLAT 2012

I have been a student of Sriram TargetEdge program. I have found the study material and mock tests especially invaluable in my preparation for CLAT. Thank you Sriram!

Chinmayi Krishnapur [AIR 32, CLAT 2012]
National Law School, Bangalore

"Extremely well prepared course material, especially the Legal modules. Fantastic online support system, including weekly GK updates and mock tests and timely clearing of all doubts. I would highly recommend SRIRAM to any law aspirant." 

Anandapadmanabhan Unnikrishnan [Thrissur]
National Law School, Bangalore.

The online Sriram Experience has indeed been a very fruitful one. I found all your course material to be comprehensive and easy to understand. The mock tests in particular were very useful. Thanks to Sriram Target Edge, I was able to prepare well for CLAT in such a short period of time - something which I would not have been able to do on my own.
Thank you for your support and guidance. It's been a pleasure studying with you.

Aishwarya Narayanan [New Delhi]
NALSAR, Hyderabad.

At the outset, I would like to thank you and the entire Sriram team for the tremendous support, I received over the last two years. All the classroom sessions, especially the legal and math classes, were very effective and somehow made the otherwise time-consuming subjects a walk in the park. The GK Supplements and Law Times also were incredibly helpful and eased the otherwise daunting Current Affairs section. Also, the numerous mocks helped immensely, not only because they provided exam-like conditions when written in class, but also because they remained an excellent pool of questions. Last but not the least, I thank Hema Ma’am for always being there whenever I had a problem.


NALSAR, Hyderabad.

First of all, thank you so much, for aiding me in my preparation for CLAT. The online tests every week were indeed very helpful. So were the mocks I took. Each mock was different and the level of difficulty kept increasing with each subsequent mocks. The Study materials were just excellent, especially the Legal Reasoning Modules which gave us exactly what we needed to read and plenty of practice exercises to supplement the reading material. The Current Affairs Quizzes and the Newsletters were always useful. And finally how can I forget the classroom sessions, Mrs. Hema Raman's classes were nothing but wonderful. She let us ask as many questions as possible and as a result whatever be the situation given to us in the question paper, we were able to crack them. So were all other English, Logic and Math classes. And once again, thank you Sriram !

Srimukundan R [Madurai]

NALSAR, Hyderabad.

SRIRAM has provided invaluable support over the last two years. Right from the tests in class, the motivational classes (calling current students of NLS to address us) and the tests, it has been a complete package. All the faculty members were ready to help with anything, be it related to the subject or otherwise. I thank Hema ma'am and the entire SRIRAM team for being so supportive throughout and helping me in trying to realize my dream.

Shruthi Anand [Chennai]
NUJS Kolkata.

The reading material provided was exhaustive and the weekly tests helped me in evaluating my progress. The mock tests honed my skills in combining accuracy with speed. I am convinced of the correctness of my decision to join SRIRAM online program followed by SRIRAM RAPID COURSE.

Pranahita [Mumbai]
NALSAR, Hyderabad.

I'm very much thankful to Sriram for their constant support in the form of printed and web content material and their best designed online mock tests. With the help of all this, I have been able to crack CLAT 2012 with a good score.

Shubhashish Shrivastava [Bhopal]
NUJS Kolkata.

The teachers are Sriram law academy's biggest assets. They meticulously prepared us and ensured that we were well prepared to face CLAT, Symbiosis and NLU Delhi. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Sriram as it was an education with a difference. We were given adequate training in the form of daily class tests and mock tests. Detailed answers were given to each and every question which made it easier for further revisions. All the teachers were very encouraging and they improved our self confidence.
Thank you Sriram!!

Gauri Pillai [Thrissur]
NUJS Kolkata.

I came to know about Sriram from friends and seniors, who happen to be already in Law Schools. Experience with Sriram during a year of preparation has been great. I opted for their Mock Series. It is great to have Sriram by side when you face CLAT.

Vibhuti Narayan Shukla [Katni, MP]
NLU, Jodhpur.

My experience with Sriram has been very memorable. The sessions were not only engaging but also very helpful. The English lessons by Mrs. Geeta Padmanabhan and legal classes by Prof. Hema Raman were particularly interesting. The GK supplements that we were given especially 'Sriram Law Times' were also amazing.
Thank you,

Sanchith Shivakumar [Chennai]
NUJS, Kolkata.

My Sriram experience has been extremely satisfying to say the least. Your modules have been extremely well prepared providing lucid explanations to various difficult and tricky concepts. Your mock series has been very well planned in a manner which allowed me to plug loopholes in my preparation and form a strong foundation. The response of your team to my doubts has been extremely prompt and concise. I would like to reiterate my gratitude for the support I have received from you team.

Karanvir Singh Goraya [New Delhi
NLUO, Orissa.

I would like to convey my gratitude to SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY which helped me throughout the last two years to help me in preparing for all the law entrance examinations. I am really happy that i got into NLU- DELHI, one of the top law schools of the country. This could not have been possible without your constant guidance. I found the module really helpful, specially the legal awareness one. it helped me to prepare for the legal gk section of the NLU- DELHI in an effective manner. Also the mocks along with the regular weekly tests made me regular with my studies and were a good source of practice. The mocks and the tests helped me to improve my speed and accuracy. They helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and helped me in improving my performance. Thanking you once again for your immense help.

Pranav Awasthi [Noida]
NALSAR, Hyderabad.

I express my sincere gratitude to Sriram Law Academy for guiding me and being my torchbearer in my CLAT preparations. The test series provided was very comprehensive and each and every section gave me the proper analysis of my preparations. Though being a web-Based student, I never felt like being one because my queries and my doubts were answered without any delay whenever I called them up or mailed them. It couldn't have been possible without the guidance of Sriram Law Academy for me to crack the Common Law Admission Test 2012 and especially Ma'am Hema Raman who always used to boost up my confidence and lifted up my morale. I owe my selection whole-heartedly to Sriram Law Academy. If ever in my life I achieve success, the first name to come to my mind would be Sriram law Academy who laid the foundation of my career. Thank You Regards
Sarthak Raizada [bareilly]
NLIU Bhopal.

I would like to express my gratitude & thankfulness for an excellent direction and advice I received from Sriram Law Academy. The entire material, online mock test and content on website is very helpful for student like me to prepare for the exam.
Thank you very much for all the help.
Thanks & Regards,
Shantanu Kumar [New Delhi]
GNLU, Gandhinagar.

I want the SRIRAM Team to know that I appreciate the work done by it. It has been a privilege to be your student. Your course has positively impacted me. Thank you for your support and guidance. I appreciate the hard work put by the faculty members in preparing the study material. It is a complete package and it has saved my time and energy, after getting the modules I hadn’t spent time searching for study material .The mock tests have helped a lot in my prep, now I feel more confident . Thank you for inspiring me and so many other students.

NLIU, Bhopal.

Sriram has a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to crack CLAT.
Siddarth Shrikanth,Chennai
NUJS, Kolkata.

I would like to record in this brief mail, my heartfelt gratitude and wishes to the Faculty at Sriram law Academy. When I joined classes at Sriram Law Academy in April 2010, I looked forward to interesting sessions which would not only help broaden my horizons, but also help me crack the CLAT. I felt every session to be exciting and filled with activities; I specifically liked the Legal Reasoning classes handled by Prof. Hema Raman, for her lucid approach and strategy. I pray to the Good Lord to make the academy grow from strength to strength, you are now a part of my Alma mater and I would surely like to serve the academy in some way.

Amrith Bhargav [Chennai]
NUJS, Kolkata.

My experience with Sriram was very good. The mocks are very useful and the supplements too. I was able to do well in the legal section because I went through the sriram materials. Many questions were very similar to the Sriram ones. Thank you :)

Bhavana Sunder [Chennai]
NLU, Jodhpur.

Thank you for all the help and coaching for CLAT. The many mock exams were very helpful. And I particularly would like to thank Hema Ma'am for the constant support.

Jahnavi Visvanathan [Chennai]
NUJS, Kolkata

My experience with Sriram has been really good. I have been associated with sriram for the last two years, and the experience has been really amazing. I would give in my all to crack clat, only then I would be able to repay for everything you have done for me.

Mayank Samuel [Bangalore]
NUJS, Kolkata.

I consider myself to be one the very few to get the privilege of being a part of the two-year classroom program at Sriram. At the outset, I must thank Hema ma'am, who indeed is the best in business for Legal Reasoning, for having motivated me throughout this wonderful journey! Also, the other teaching faculty- Mrs. Geeta Padmanabhan, Mr. Santhosh, Mr. Sriram have definitely been instrumental in our efforts to achieve the ultimate goal! I have no doubt in saying that this experience that I had with Sriram has boosted my confidence and I have been able to bring great laurels to Sriram by making it to a premier National Law School. Thanks, once again!

NUJS, Kolkata.

It has indeed been a great experience in terms of acquiring knowledge and immense support and encouragement from the teachers. I am very grateful to Sriram for having helped me overcome my difficulties with regard to CLAT and I have definitely enjoyed and at the same time gained various tactics which will be useful to me not only for the entrance exam but also in future. I also would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Hema Ma'am for giving all the students of Sriram Law academy ultimate importance. I thank all of you once again for your continuous support.
I hope this relationship with Sriram Law academy does not end here. I will definitely be in touch.
With warm regards
Anjana Krishna Mohan [Kuwait]
NLUO, Orissa.

My Sriram experience in the last 1 year was just fantastic!!! The systematically designed modules and weekly tests and gk quizzes played a very important role in boosting up my confidence level! The online mocks helped me to refine my test taking skills and frame strategies. In general it was a very satisfying experience. 

Ajita Nadkarni [Bhopal]


Sriram course material has been exhaustive and complete for my law entrance coaching. Newsletters and Prof. Hema Raman's legal sessions were extremely useful. Overall experience has been quite encouraging and fruitful.

Saloni Agrawal [Chennai]

NLUO, Orissa.

I had a wonderful experience with SRIRAM. the material provided by you helped me a lot in getting well versed with the sections which comes in CLAT.

Thank you
Aman Bansal [Lucknow]
NUJS, Kolkata.

Though I wasn’t able to attend the classes, the study material of SRIRAM helped me a lot. For a student unable to attend classroom coaching of SRIRAM, the postal course is very beneficial. Thank you SRIRAM.

Muduganti Kavya Reddy [Bangalore]

AIR 35, CLAT 2012.
NALSAR, Hyderabad.

I have been in this law academy for 2 years and it has been the most enriching experience for me. The fact that I was able to take a classroom program, according to me, was an extra advantage. The SRIRAM subject modules made me thorough in my preparation and the weekly test papers, worksheets and the classes couldn't have been more helpful. The SRIRAM mock papers are very challenging and made me very confident of myself. But the most unique quality about SRIRAM is the individual attention a student gets. The teachers are available for whatever doubts you have 24 x 7 and I am most grateful to them for that. 

My heartiest thanks to Hema Ma’am without whose guidance I would have never been able to achieve what I did, especially in the legal section. SRIRAM is a premier training institute for law entrance exams and I am lucky to have learnt under them.

Vanshika Mohta,
NLU, Jodhpur.

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