Fantastic performance by Sriram Students in IIT HSEE 2018. Top All India Ranks were bagged by classroom and online students, this year too!

SRIRAM ACADEMY congratulates all the successful students on their achievement. The SRIRAM Team interacted with the toppers after the declaration of the IIT HSEE results; and this is what they said.

Sriram Academy's books and their mock tests were of much help throughout my preparation. The books covered all the basics and were precise and comprehensive, all of which was important for me as I was a science student.  The portions were vast and intimidating and  Sriram Academy's books and the entire online account containing the mocks

mocks, subject-wise tests and current affairs supplements helped me gather courage as well as knowledge. Sriram Academy was with me all throughout my preparation time, step by step and I convey my heartfelt gratitude for the support and help they had provided me with.

Meghna. M

AIR 2, IIT HSEE 2018

Although an inherent interest towards the subject and habit of continuous reading can go a long way in making it to IITM, without the guidance of Sriram, I would be completely lost. As a Humanities student, I had a good background to the subjects included in HSEE. But in the last few months of prep, I focused solely on Sriram materials. About 70% of the questions that came in the exam were included in Sriram's mocks and books. Studying Humanities in 11th and 12th made it easy to prepare as I had all the concepts clear. Attempting previous papers helped to gain a better understanding of what portions to concentrate on. Sriram materials helped to cover most static GK portions. Newspapers were sufficient for current affairs preparation. Ecology section could be covered by last 4 chapters of 12th Biology NCERT textbook. As for History and Sociology, Sriram books covered everything, especially the test papers on the website. Mathematics was easy, as portions are 10th grade level, so I just had to brush up the

formulas. Again, the Sriram book was sufficiently comprehensive. Logic was the easiest part, it was fun and if done quickly enough, the best way to score marks.

Cherene Aniyan Puthethu

AIR 4, IIT HSEE 2018

Sriram Academy played a vital role in my preparation and success in this examination. From course material which helps you gather knowledge clearly to the regular test papers uploaded on the website all of these acted as vital bits and pieces to aid me in my preparation for the examination. Essay writing is indeed the key to success in this exam.

Regular practice on topics certainly helps and Sriram provides topics which can be used for regular practice and hone your skills.

Amogh Varsh

AIR 9, IIT HSEE 2018

I am extremely grateful towards Sriram Academy for my great result. I had enrolled for the Sriram Target Plus programme. Without their guidance I couldn't have even dreamt about cracking IIT. They offer you a lot of tips and easier methods to arrive at a solution. Just doing the exercises in the books provided will give you a great amount of confidence to face the exam. The test had questions which were of exactly the same model as in the Sriram Books. Sriram newsletters are must-read ones. Mock tests help you to be aware of the time limit. Rankings help you to compare your performances with fellow Sriram students.  They even give you a set of essay topics which proved to

be extremely useful. Overall, if you are willing to work hard then Sriram Academy will definitely help you crack the test. It's true that it takes a huge mixture of knowledge and luck to crack HSEE. The simple formula is hard work + dedication+ self-belief+ Sriram Academy.

Arvind Sankar

AIR 10, IIT HSEE 2018

I decided to write the HSEE only a month before the exam as I had my board exams still approaching (I did the IBDP curriculum). Sriram's books and material that I bought were great at helping me cover a large portion of the syllabus in a short time.  The bullet-point format of content was very effective and kept me interested. For the GK sections,

due to limited time, I completely depended on Sriram's books and if I required any more information about a mentioned topic, a quick Google search.

Archana Dhinakar Bala

AIR 12, IIT HSEE 2018

Though IIT HSEE was always in my mind, I did not have a clear idea as to how to prepare, given the vast syllabus. I was halfway through class 12 when I got to know of Sriram Academy and joined the institute. The study material provided by Sriram gave me a solid template to structure my preparations. 

For current affairs I depended on the Sriram newsletter. The weekly tests and online mocks were also very helpful in giving me a sense of direction.

Jasmin Naur Hafiz

AIR 15, IIT HSEE 2018

It feels surreal. I felt hopeful after completing the exam but getting in was unexpected and exhilarating. The online mock tests by Sriram Academy were a lifesaver.

They imparted structure and direction to my last-minute study plans and helped me get a hang of the exam pattern.

Aparna Venkittan

AIR 22, IIT HSEE 2018

I had opted for science in my senior secondary and hence had no idea regarding when to start or from where to start. At first, I started preparing all by myself. It was somewhat productive but could not bring out the best in me. Then one of my seniors from school told me about Sriram Law Academy and how this institution had helped her in cracking the exam.  The materials provided by Sriram proved to be very helpful and gave a clear idea regarding the syllabus and paved a smooth way for the preparations to be done. The online mock tests and newsletters were helpful. The newsletters gave me a good idea regarding reading newspapers so that I could make the best out of reading them by choosing the important ones and eliminating the unimportant ones.

 I would like to express my sincere gratitude to this institute and its faculty for making the journey much easier for me.

Malavika. M

IIT HSEE Topper 2018

Thank you for your wishes. It feels an honour to be admitted into IIT. I chose humanities as my career option very early on in life due to my interests in those subjects. Sriram has played a great role in helping me to prepare for HSEE. Its exhaustive resources and coaching classes proved to be of good use.

The key to cracking this exam is consistency. Reading newspaper regularly is an asset as it improves vocabulary, comprehension skills and analytical reasoning.

Nandhiga Ramani

IIT HSEE Topper 2018

The rank that I had achieved in HSEE-2018 would not have been possible if not for Sriram Academy. I knew nothing about the syllabus, pattern etc of the HSEE. Then one of my seniors Avinaash R. advised me to look up to Sriram Academy.

I would like to thank the Sriram Team, my teachers and Lord Almighty for my success in HSEE 2018.

Arpan Dutta

IIT HSEE Topper 2018

When I heard about the development studies course in IIT Madras, I was determined to take it up and do well in the exam and make it to India's most prestigious institution. I heard about Sriram and its track record in HSEE coaching. It was one of my best decisions to join the institute. The SRIRAM modules covered the entrance exam syllabus, It was simple and to the point.   My weak areas were Maths and Analytical Reasoning.

Sriram Academy provided me plenty of question papers to practice, the online mock tests helped me in managing time and prepared me to face the exam with confidence. I am grateful to Sriram Academy.

Amina Mehboob

IIT HSEE 2018 Topper

It feels incredible to have achieved this rank and possibly be a part of one of India's most prestigious universities. I never expected to get in so it came as a wonderful surprise.  I was a part of the distance learning program, so most of my experience with Sriram Academy was through their material and online tests. They played an immense role in my preparation. I found that the books were well written and covered vast topics without overwhelming me. The multiple mock tests were good practice for the HSEE and towards the end, I was quite familiar with the exam pattern. The first step I took was to assess my strengths and weaknesses by taking a mock test. I found that I was good at English and Math but I needed practice with the other subjects, especially G.K. I started working on logical reasoning using Sriram's material and found a considerable improvement in my scores. Following that, I focused on history and regularly revised it.  Despite having studied sociology and economics in school, I found that the HSEE had a strong focus on Indian economic history and other aspects of the subjects which aren't taught in schools.

I relied on Sriram's material and especially the subject-wise mock tests for these topics.

Merly Maria Jomy

AIR 23, IIT HSEE 2018

I felt extremely elated after getting my results. I would like to thank Sriram Law Academy, my teachers, friends and parents for acting as a source of constant support. Sriram Law Academy played a pivotal role in my preparation. The newsletter published every month acted as a ready reckoner for Current Affairs.

Shortcuts and tricks in Logical reasoning and Mathematics, rules in English Grammar and the condensed version of Indian and world History were very helpful in cracking the HSEE.

Vallabi. A

IIT HSEE Topper 2018

Sriram Academy has played a very significant role in my success in the HSEE. The material provided by the academy, the mock tests, essay ideas and GK newsletters were indispensable in the process of preparation.

 I would also like to specifically appreciate the books provided by Sriram Academy for their wide coverage of diverse topics and an easy to understand format.


AIR 21, IIT HSEE 2018

Sriram's newsletters and mock tests were really helpful, and the textbooks were clear, which gave a sense of structure to the study, considering the vast nature of the syllabus.

 Thanks to Sriram Academy I was able to obtain 20th rank in HSEE 2018.


AIR 20, IIT HSEE 2018

Sriram Academy provided me with a system to organise myself and to structure the way I wanted to prepare and so on. The Sriram academy materials were great for subjects like math and logical reasoning.

Sriram GK times was also great because they really give you a good grasp on current affairs. Taking Sriram Mock Tests and solving test papers helped me to do well in IIT HSEE.


IIT HSEE Topper 2018

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