Sriram Student Sanjana Acharya secures All India First Rank in IIT HSEE 2016
It has been a resounding success for Sriram students in IIT HSEE, this year too, with Sanjana Acharya [Bangalore] secured All India 1st Rank with a whopping score of 128. This is the fourth year in a row since 2013 a Sriram student has emerged with AIR 1. The toppers credit the Sriram faculty, the course material, weekly tests, mock exams, newsletters and strategy sessions for their success.

Sriram Toppers of 2016 share their learning experience.


AIR 1, IIT HSEE 2016

"The material provided by Sriram was instrumental in getting a grasp on static GK and the weekly tests helped 

me get an idea of how the questions will be. GK Times was also a vital source for current affairs. The intensive course really geared us up for the exam. The mock tests, math tricks taught by Nakul sir and essay tips by Geeta ma'am were especially helpful in improving speed and confidence. I made it a point to stay updated on important national and international issues. I read newspaper editorials and also practiced writing some essays based on the topics list given by Sriram.The essay writing sessions in the intensive course were excellent, and gave me a model of how I should structure my essay. GK is extremely important. Make it a point to study (and revise) GK regularly, and stay updated with current affairs. You can go through the Sriram material and GK times, as well as read the newspaper and yearbooks like Manorama. Find out your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving your weak areas.The task at hand might seem daunting, but don't lose heart and work hard persistently which will definitely show in the results" says Sanjana Acharya, who secured AIR 1 with a huge score of 128.

Arvind Kumar, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

“The study materials provided by the Sriram Academy were the base for my study. It helped me to go through the whole syllabus in a short time period.  Sriram’s weekly tests were very much useful in increasing my speed and accuracy and the mock tests provided by them helped to give my preparation a finishing touch.

The study materials, test papers and mock tests covered the entire syllabus and enabled me to get a clear picture about the exam. As the essay writing questions asked in the HSEE are mainly based on current events so reading The Hindu (especially the editorial section) helped me a lot. Also practising the topics provided by Sriram was beneficial for me. I am thankful to Sriram Academy and the entire faculty team for helping me to achieve this feat, without their guidance it would have been difficult to crack the HSEE”,

Sruthi Ranjani, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

“Sriram Academy has been everything for me, when it comes to my preparation for HSEE. The modules are so written that anyone can understand the content quite easily. The Intensive Course turned out to be extremely useful because the teachers are simply outstanding. Hema Chari ma'am made Economics interesting even though I was a complete novice to the subject.

The shortcuts in Math that Nakul Sir taught proved to be highly useful during the test. The GK newsletters, mock tests and tips were also instrumental in my preparation. I also attempted Sriram Mock Tests to get the gist of the real exam. I used to write essays on topics listed by Sriram whenever I had the time. Geeta Ma'am's instructions on essay writing also proved to be priceless. To improve essay writing, one has to read extensively and practise writing as much as possible. HSEE, or for that matter, any exam can be conquered if you have the determination and the hardworking nature” says an elated Sruthi Ranjani.

Nithin Pradeep, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

Another top ranking student Nithin Pradeep says, “I am extremely happy with my performance in IIT HSEE 2016. I am really very grateful to Sriram Academy for my success. The study materials, weekly test, mock tests helped me a lot to gain clarity about this exam.  Most of the questions asked in HSEE were from Sriram materials.

 I had the habit of reading the newspaper, ’The Hindu' daily, moreover I was able to update my GK by reading Competition Success review, Yearbook as well as GK today. Sriram Newsletter was very helpful”.

Meenakshi, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

Another top ranker, Meenakshi says, “Sriram Academy was the most essential factor in helping me crack this exam. I decided to give HSEE a shot only during December and my preparation time was very limited as I was simultaneously preparing for the CBSE boards too. 

Simha, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

The ample number of mock exams set by Sriram Academy helped me realize my weak areas and work on them as much as possible. The revision papers in all the different sections were incredibly helpful and the newsletters were a godsend to help me assimilate the information as thoroughly as possible.

 As for world affairs, I read through each edition of the Sriram newsletters thoroughly at least five times as it had all the information one needs in the most comprehensible manner. Geeta ma'am was very helpful as I kept sending her essays and she gave me the feedback I needed to get better. There is no shortcut to ace the essay section- you have to keep practicing and writing essays regularly, in order to improve your vocabulary and style so that you can aspire for brevity. The material provided by Sriram Academy is more than sufficient to ace the examination, so make use of it properly”.

Yogesh Kumaran, IIT HSEE Topper 2016

Says Yogesh Kumaran, “I came to know about Sriram Academy in my 11th standard. The more we enquired about Sriram, the more we felt confident that Sriram would be my gateway to IITM, which is how it exactly turned out to be. I did two kinds of courses at Sriram. Sriram target plus 2016 and Sriram Intensive 2016.

 The former ensured that I had good basics in the necessary subjects, while the latter acted as a catalyst to my preparation. The intensive was the turning point. The regular tests made sure that we knew where we stood. The teachers were supportive and motivating. And the regular end - of - the- class talks by Prakash sir were refreshing. Without Sriram ...this would have been impossible for me. Hats off to you Sriram Academy!”

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