Avinaash Ravichandran [Puduchery]

 AIR 1, IIT HSEE 2015

It has been a wonderful journey with Sriram Academy. When I first saw the subjects which were part of the MA Developmental Sciences course, I was immediately attracted to it. I wanted to crack the HSEE.  And the pioneer in HSEE coaching was Sriram, So, I enrolled myself with Sriram Academy. On seeing the study materials, I realised why SRIRAM was the best in the trade.

They were top-notch. I improved my skills a lot. The Sectional Tests helped me to understand my tests and weaknesses. I also got to know the areas where I should concentrate better. The tests aided me in honing my exam-taking skills. The Sriram GK Times newsletter was a treasure trove consisting of current affairs. It had an exhaustive list of news points, which I felt would be more than sufficient for HSEE. I thank SRIRAM for all the support and guidance.

Aswathy Venugopal [Trivandrum]

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Without the guidance of Sriram Academy, it would have been impossible for me to achieve this feat. I wholeheartedly thank the entire team of the academy for helping me to fulfill one of my greatest desires.

 The study materials, test papers and mock tests covered the entire syllabus and enabled me to get a clear picture about the examination. Thus, on the whole, it was the right track of preparation that the academy gave which helped me to clear the exam.

Regards, Aswathy

P. Upasana [Bhilai]

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Dear Sir/ Madam,
It is with great joy that I convey to you that my daughter, Upasana P has secured AIR 6 in the IIT HSEE 2015. This would not have been possible without the guidance and support given to her by your team of mentors.
I thank you for your concern and unstinted support.
Supriya P M/o Upasana

Teza M George [Kottayam]

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Sriram Academy can be very intimidating. That is how it brings out the best in you. The teachers were so good that if I had had Dr. Dhaarini teaching me in Class XII, I would have simply opted for History and forgot about IIT.

 The teachers at SRIRAM took enormous efforts. Considering my serious incompatibility with Math, I never thought I would actually understand Math ever in my life. But Nakul Sir proved me wrong. Geeta ma’am’s classes on English were outstanding. I am thankful to Sriram.


Meenakshi Kumar, New Delhi

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

The material was very helpful and exhaustive. For static general knowledge, the Sriram books were my only source of information. The sectional tests helped me to keep my practice constant and analyse the areas I needed to work on. The Sriram GK Times was extremely beneficial as it helped me brush up my GK and the toppers snippets were encouraging.

Melwin James , Wayanad, Kerala.

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

With utmost pride and gratitude, let me convey that I have been able to come out with flying colours in the IIT HSEE with rank 18 in general category. I am indebted to Sriram Academy and its teaching modules which gave the real taste of the examination beforehand. Topic based test papers made my knowledge on each subject multidimensional. Newsletters kept me up to date in current affairs. Sriram mock tests stood by me in good stead during the examinations such that the examination was no longer an alien one to me.

Let Sriram Academy guide many more to this prestigious institution as it has been doing for all these years. Thanks to all my dear teachers at Sriram whom I have not seen but will have a special place in my heart.

Melwin James


Sanjana Rajasekar, Bangalore

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

The Sriram Materials have been useful in my preparation. Coupled with other sources such as Pearson's GKM and Manorama Year Book, the material proves to be a sure way to success. The weekly tests are worthy of a special mention. They help get a gist of how the actual exam will be and help me evaluate myself in accordance to the competitive score. Sriram GK Times has been a godsend as the information is relevant and succinct.Kudos to the Sriram Team for their effort!


Meena. C  [Coimbatore]

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

I have been selected for the IIT humanities course and I would like to express my gratitude for the entire team at Sriram Academy. I could not have done this without the guidance of the Academy. The 20 day crash course was particularly useful in getting familiarized with the examination pattern.

The teachers were amazing. They are some of the best I have had and their effort has exceeded all expectations. It is because of them that I have been able to do this. The classes at Sriram are nothing like the commercial IIT coaching centres. The learning here has been immensely enriching and will last beyond the entrance exam.

A.P. Sreehari [Sivakasi]

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Any student can work towards a goal but their success depends on the people who guide them. My guide was Sriram Academy. The teachers at Sriram were more than just amazing. They didn't just teach us the subjects. They taught me how to love the subjects. My sincere thanks to Sriram for their guidance and their hospitality. Hats off to the Sriram Team.

Rathnika Athira Thomas,

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Sriram materials have been instrumental in my preparation. The materials were concise and at the same time covered all relevant information to crack the exam. The content was presented very well and it made the learning process fun. The classroom sessions were an integral part of the course. I had the opportunity of learning from some of the best faculty members. The faculty members were always around to clear doubts.  Be it email or phone, I have always got an answer. The 'Sriram newsletter” was a lifesaver. It contained everything thing there is to know about current affairs. The interview with toppers section was my favorite part. It gave me the much needed inspiration to work hard.

The quiz corner was very useful for revision. Sriram mocks were the most important part of the course. It helped to me assess my strengths and weaknesses and work accordingly. Overall my experience with SRIRAM was great.


B.G.Vasantha Kumar,

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

The course materials and online support given by SRIRAM during the year have been very useful. Sriram GK Times is really fantastic. Thanks for the support.

Vasantha Kumar

Rani Unnamalai,

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

Sriram Academy was a catalyst in my ground work. The hand book's contents were precise and were presented in a systematic manner for a student to prepare. I never realized the 4 hours that were spent at the classes each day. The classes were inviting and gave me more oomph to study. The teachers made it more special and enjoyable. They made sure our gusto was raised when we leave after the classes. The tests made me understand my level. Thank you Sriram.

Sourav Rames,

IIT HSEE 2015 Topper

First and foremost, I thank your wonderful team for your valuable guidance for the past 2 years. The study materials were of immense help to me. It gave me an idea about the syllabus. The 2 books on general knowledge helped me a lot in quiz competitions. I had found the part of economics tough as I am a science student. But repeated reading of the book on Economics, History and Sociology helped me to make a strong base in Economics. The book on reasoning helped me in many scholarship exams. The weekly tests helped me a lot to revise the topics given in study materials. 

SRIRAM GK Times helped me to get more precise and regular updates on current events. The newsletters were of immense support to augment my notes. On the whole, my stint as the "virtual" and classroom student of Sriram Academy was memorable. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to SRIRAM for all the support.

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