chennai - clat capital of india sriram, since 2002

The leadership of SRIRAM LAW ACADEMY has made CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, the CLAT CAPITAL OF INDIA. The tireless efforts since 2002, is what you see in the 20 Years Results CLAT section of the website. 

Ever year, hundreds of students travel from all parts of India to experience SRIRAM in CHENNAI. The Students in Chennai, can call, visit and make an application with the Board of Studies and secure an admission into the flagship classroom programme of the Academy. 

Serving chennai & India from 2003 for clat & law entrances

We have been blessed by visionary members of the bar and the bench. 

We owe OUR success to ALL the parents & STUDENTS, we have served in the last two decades!

Senior Advocate Shri. Sriram Panchu presents a prize to Sandeep Challa, who secured All India first rank  in the year 2004

Senior Advocate Shri. NL Rajah with K Prahalad, who secured All India first rank in the year 2006

Senior Advocate Shri. A.A. Mohan addresses the gathering in June 2005 at Sriram Law Academy's valedictory function.

Dr. (Mrs.) Y. G. Parathasarathy, visionary Dean & Director of the Padma Seshadri Group of Schools address the students at SRIRAM Valedictory function.

Senior Advocate Shri. P.S. Raman addresses the gathering at Sriram Law Academy's valedictory function  at Rani Seethai Hall, Chennai 

Shri. Justice. M.M. Sundaresh addresses the students and parents at Sriram Law Academy's valedictory function  in June 2010 

Justice. Dr. Anitha Sumanth at the Sriram Summit in the year 2013.

Shri. Anirudh Krishnan, Founder Partner, AK Law Chambers addresses the students of Sriram Law Academy.

Get SRIRAM A Top Selection!

This is what we serve the student community for every year, every day, every hour!

The SRIRAM Alumni network comprises a long list of leading practitioners of law, bureaucrats, journalists, founders of startups, social workers, members of academia etc. We wish to see you in the list soon! Do call us for an application to enter the academic ecosystem.

Best Wishes,

Board of Studies,

Sriram Law Academy

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